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Banner Exchange Policy and Instructions:

If you wish to exchange banners with us, please email us the nature of your business first, and be sure to send us a copy of your code as indicated in the examples provided below. We will notify you if we wish to exchange links with you.

Notes: All links must be coded and hosted on your website and must have a resolution of 468 x 60-100. Please use .jpg or .gif files only. We do not allow Flash banners. Any text coded to be viewed underneath your banner will be manually removed. We continually review our links and all related images to ensure they are appropriate, and we reserve the right to remove your link if we find otherwise.


The following is an example of how our banner should look at your website.


Our banner code is posted below, as an example of how your banner should be coded:

<a target="_blank" href="">
<img border="1" src="" width="460" height="80" style="border:1px solid #473130; padding:1px 4px;" /></a>